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Our solid wood flooring service offers the ideal combination of durability, luxury and style. Ideal for period homes, as well as for modernisations and conversions of industrial spaces, solid wood flooring creates a warmth, strength and beauty in the base of every room. We fit both finished and unfinished woods in a variety of shades: from the pale butter colours of maple and light oak; to the dark luxurious hues of walnut and darker oak.


Choose silver ash for a floor finish that pales over time to a beautiful grey; or select mahogany for that signature deep-red shine. Whatever the style and décor of your property, our solid wood flooring fitters can recommend the material and finish that will bring it out perfectly.
Tulvira has almost 30 years’ experience in the wooden flooring industry, and has built up an impressive list of contacts during that time. As a result, we can provide the wood; the fittings; the underlay; and the hardware at prices few of our competitors can hope to beat.

Every Installation is Unique

That experience also means we can provide the perfect solution for every property, no matter how tricky or unusual the installation. Our flooring engineers can level an existing surface before installing hard wood flooring over the top; we can add stop-ins to joists to build the floors and ceilings of older properties back up to a flat plane; and we can introduce a number of water resistant, insulating or sound-proofing membranes to the underside of your floor installation for extra quality and security.
In every instance, our qualified solid wood flooring fitters will offer you a no obligations consultation and quote, in which we will recommend the best materials and membranes or floor levellers for your requirements. We can also create a raised floor in rooms or properties where the original floor layout requires that you ventilate your wood from below.


We use only the highest quality materials, and have the ability to locate wood types and flooring materials that are sometimes hard to find elsewhere. Our good name – again, a function of those 30 years in the trade – precedes us throughout the industry and our wide experience means, simply, that we have avenues to explore which may not be open to other providers.

Applications for Solid Wood Flooring

Solid wood is the most impressive and reliable choice in any flooring range. The natural beauty of the wood is only the start. For strength and longevity, properly treated and cared-for wood simply can’t be beaten. It will take the weight of even the heaviest furniture, and can cope with large amounts of foot traffic, with no complaints.
Solid wood flooring is also environmentally friendly, and is increasingly specified in retro fit projects where eco consciousness is part of the brief. Wood is a renewable resource when properly sourced and re-planted. All of the wood used in our solid wood flooring projects has been certified by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), which ensures that trees have been planted to replace the ones used by the lumber mills providing the timber.

The Importance of Experience

It’s important to have a qualified, experienced floor fitter install real wood. Wood expands and contracts with temperature and moisture changes, so there must be allowances made in the floor design for natural movement over the years. Failure to do this will result in gaps appearing, or the floorboards rising in peaks where the expanding wood is pressing against the sides of the room.
Our solid wood floor fitters design all of our installations using traditional methods, allowing them to create perfectly level, perfectly sealed finishes in every room.
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