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Many people who have already applied and used our wooden flooring services asked what else we can do for them. They were very happy with our wooden floor installation and wondered if we could do some other job related to home improvements, refurbishment, reconstruction and property development.

As being saying many times before with many years of experience in building and construction services behind us, we are a well regarded fitting company and have many satisfied clients.

  • We can provide our clients with best quality materials for the reasonable price. As well known fact that the best materials cannot be cheap but we will get them for you for very acceptable prices.
  • We will also guarantee the best quality of our work we can.
  • We will do individual approach to every single project and you will finally select the one which suits you the best.
  • We will count every single opinion for any individual and make a complex solution for the problems suitable for every customer.
  • We have mentioned before that we have carried out different types of building and construction jobs for the very different customers. Well known clients remain the same and we are happy to advertise them again.
  • We participated in building and furnishing: ZARA, NEXT, ALL SAINTS, URBAN, RIVER ISLAND and others wellknown shopping centres and companies.

Like any other individual those above named companies are also very happy with our services and willing to engage us within at any possibility. We are proud to announce that we can do the following jobs for our valuable customers whom we treat with respect most of all.


Loft conversion

If you are looking for some additional space in your home or flat why not to ask us to make a free quote of a loft conversion. This option will allow you to save a time and money with our professional building services.

Our aesthetically driven loft conversion process aims to open up your horizons to new design potential, working in harmony with the characteristics of the property and clients’ personal tastes. We put particular emphasis on creating light, spacious loft conversions.

Loft conversions


Bathroom innovation, restoration and installation

Our firm provides customers with a professional bathroom installation service and has lots of experience. The expert fitters ensure customers are 100% satisfied on every job that they do.

Also we are doing complete bathroom plumbing and tiling service. We can supply a wide variety of bathroom suite’s taps and tiles. If you prefer to supply your own fittings our company would be glad to provide a quote to install any items you supply.

Bathroom innovation, restoration and installation


Kitchen installation services

We can plan your kitchen, design, and supply your kitchen units and appliances. Our qualified installation team will fit any make of units, appliances, flooring, or tiling you desire. We install several leading manufactures and suppliers kitchens. We prepare base for GRANITE and MARBLE worktops.

We guarantee our workmanship for 12 MONTHS, and are quick, clean, and professional. We also remove all your old kitchen units and appliances (except refrigeration units); this means that you can be confident that the installation of your new kitchen will be hassle-free.

Kitchen installation services


Houses and flats evaluation and quantity surveyor’s services

Finally we want to introduce you a bit of our quantity surveying services. The Quantity Surveyor is a specialist professional whose training and experience are directed towards the planning and control of expenditure on construction of all kinds.

The Quantity Surveyor together with the Project Manager is a key member of the development and construction team – the essential link between the client who commissions the building, the specialists who design it, and the contractor who builds it. He is the expert on construction costs and communications, and his services are used from the inception of a project to its completion.

In plain words the Quantity Surveyor’s duties end with the calculation of the final cost of any construction project. Whether you are going to make a refurbishment or buy and sell the entire property or its part we will help you to make a full evaluation and a cost of job and materials needed for further re/development of a property mentioned.

So, do not waste your time and loose very lucrative opportunity – call or email Tulvira Limited and we will do our best to suit all your needs providing you with very affordable evaluation services.

Houses and flats evaluation and quantity surveyors' services


All electrical, water and gas services, plumbing and certification

This part of our business is probably one of the highly demanded for our customers. Whatever you will do: buy new property, make improvement or refurbishment – you will definitely need a lot of those electrical, water, gas services, plumbing job and also their certification to make everything in order.

Our specialist will help you to sort out this variety of jobs which can make you scared first.

All electrical, water ans gas services; plumbing and certification


Fences and gates installation

Welcome to our fences and gates installation service. As a part of one big business this part is also very important for us. Here we can provide our customers with their own very unique design of the fences and the gates, for the very reasonable price we will buy all the materials in accordance with clients’ wishes and finally install those masterpieces in your property.

We can also install automatic entry system with various types of the gates, entrances or whatsoever.

Fences and gates installation


Furniture designing, manufacturing, assembling and installation services

We are proud to introduce you just one sample of our own designed manufactured, assembled and installed oak kitchen which is located right above of this text. We also can produce very individual solo projects of furniture for the living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms and other living and industrial parts of premises.

Our specialists will come to you with their own IT equipment and software which will allow them to make initial assessments. After couple of days they will be able to present your own individual designed furniture you need for your approval. We then will make your life easy to advance further until the final installation of your furniture.

Furniture designing, manufacturing, assembling and installation services


All the carpenter’s jobs

related to the 1st and 2nd fix – interior and exterior windows and door installation; staircases, carpets, plasterboards partition, access floors and ceilings installation.
This variety of jobs gives your unlimited possibility to select the right one for you. Our specialists who are well qualified carpenters will do their best to suit all your needs. We guarantee the very good quality of materials and services. Our price will be also very reasonable which we also put in place well in advance so you cannot be disappointed at the end of job that you need to pay more and more because of unexpected losses.

So we will be waiting for you to discuss any of the jobs you need which is presented above.

All the carpenters job related to the 1st and 2nd fix


Stoves and fireplaces restoration, designing and installation

Above we have published the only a few our own designed original stoves and fireplaces. Those ancient and rare things are still highly demanded. We can offer full range of our fireplaces and stoves or can make a very individual project which will not cost you as much as you think.

With our very distinctive and flexible approach you can afford any of those honourable aristocratic things from the past times shown above.

Stoves and fireplaces restoration designing and installation


Interior design, refurbishment, painting and decoration jobs

This is probably most wanted kind of job ordinary people searching for. It is also most volumetric and various that we all can even imagine. Well, using creative approach our specialist will try their best to meet all customers’ requirements and produce the best result they can.

We can digitally make a project of your desirable interior of any premises and present it for your final approval. Also we will order all materials for the affordable prices and complete all work.

Interior design, refurbishment, painting and decoration jobs


Roof designing and assembling

If you need to do something with your roof we can also help you with this so-called complicated matter. We can do the entire job for you. You just need to select a proper design and we will make a design, order all materials and complete roof installation.

We are able to carry on all work in new roof construction including slate, clay tile, concrete tile, metal, and asphalt shingle roofing. We also offer full service roofing repair crews for all of your emergency roof repair needs.

Roof designing and assembling

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