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Below, you’ll find our privacy policy information; our customer services policy information; and answers to frequently asked questions about Tulvira wooden floor fitters:

Privacy Policy

All information we collect about you is used according to the Data Protection Act and other legislation. Personal information including names; email addresses; telephone numbers; and address details will only be used to process your order and make deliveries – and for nothing else. Every communication between you and Tulvira wooden floor fitters is strictly private and is used only to conduct a business relationship between Tulvira and its customers.
We will never pass your information to a third party for any purpose. Credit/Debit card numbers and other information are not stored on our servers. This information is encrypted and sent to the bank for authorisation.

Customer Service Policy

Tulvira believe in outstanding customer service. We are used to working to client specifications for standalone jobs and for projects that form a part of bigger building operations. We will always fit our floors at the most convenient time to you.
We ask for a deposit to cover materials and scaffolding (if scaffolding is required as part of a larger building work). All of our work is fully guaranteed for 12 months. We can also arrange for a longer guarantee period, at an extra charge, if necessary.
We are fully covered with public liability insurance for up to £5 million.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long have Tulvira wooden floor fitters been in business?

We’ve been working in the UK construction trade for more than 10 years. Our overall trade experience stretches back to 1985, when Tulvira was originally founded (before the business moved to the UK). In total, we have nearly 30 years’ trading experience – during which time we have supplied floor fitting services to a number of high profile companies and private clients. Tulvira participated in building and furnishing Zara; Next; Urban; and the children’s charity Hopscotch.

Do You Have Examples of Your Work?

Yes, we’re proud of all our wooden floor fittings and are more than happy to arrange for you to view projects we have already completed. If you would like to see some of our work “in the flesh”, please give us a call on 02071400033, or email info@woodenflooringfitters.co.uk.

What About References?

We’re also proud of our track record, and will be happy to arrange references on request. We’ve never overrun a schedule or gone beyond a budget without prior discussion with and approval from our clients. We approach every client and every job as an individual, matching our schedule to theirs and working within their specific budgetary requirements.

Do You Subcontract Your Wooden Floor Work?

No. We provide all labour for our floor fitting directly, using only qualified wooden floor fitters employed directly by Tulvira. We keep our workforce small, so we know everyone who works in the company and completely trust the high standard of their work. Tulvira’s name is its guarantee of quality, and we take great pains to ensure that this remains the case.

Are Your Wooden Floor Fitters Health and Safety Qualified?

Yes. We won’t employ a wooden floor fitter unless he or she has the proper health and safety training. We also insist that our employees re-train in site safety at the recommended intervals, to ensure that our sites are run to an exemplary standard. Tulvira takes its health and safety responsibilities, both to the client and to the workforce, very seriously; and ensures that it retains total control over job safety at all times.

What About Other Construction Services? Can You Work to a Schedule?

At the beginning of every project we have a meeting on site to agree a full schedule of works. This allows us to dovetail with all the construction requirements you have. We also work very closely with trusted plumbers; electricians; and builders, and can recommend other construction services to you if you need them.
Our schedule of works incorporates the start and finish dates of your project(s), and outlines days on which specific things are to happen. As noted above, we have never run over a timescale or a client’s schedule without prior arrangement and good reason.
Please visit our Portfolio section to explore some of our most recent projects – or call us on 02071400033 to arrange a personal viewing of completed work.

Why Choose Tulvira?

Tulvira operates on a different wavelength to some larger companies. We’ve deliberately kept our business small and focused, believing that a dedicated team of highly professional wooden floor fitters, concentrating on one or two jobs at any given time, is able to give better service than a larger team with multiple jobs to keep track of. Because of this, we’re flexible, highly responsive and able to deliver a personalised service to every client. We control the number of projects we are working on at any one time to ensure maximum time for each customer, with no distractions: and our long time in the business gives us access to material prices some other wooden floor fitters can’t match.

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