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I am very pleased with the final wooden floor. Thank you very much for getting it sorted. I wanted to thank you and the rest of your team for an excellent service. We are very happy with the end result.
Thanks for all your help with laying my new wooden flooring at the shop, you and your team worked in a highly professional manner at short notice.
Thewooden flooring looks lovely, thank you. The boys you sent were an extremely efficient and pleasant team. A joy to have in the house.

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Parquet flooring

A parquet floor is created by laying individual flooring blocks, of an equal determined size, in a distinctive pattern. The most common patterns are the chevron and the herringbone; though there are many more to choose from. 
Parquet flooring offers beauty and elegance. It must be laid by trained fitters to ensure its pattern remains regular throughout the floor, and problems associated with expansion and contraction don’t cause individual blocks to come up, or the floor as a whole to shift.

Installation and Fixing
Tulvira draws on every ounce of experience to lay beautifully created, artistic parquet floors in the pattern you have chosen. First, we prepare the floor surface, levelling it where necessary and adding a range of membranes or screeds as they are needed. Waterproof and sound-insulating underlay protects a parquet floor from moisture rising through concrete and foundation materials, and can also prevent sound from travelling through the wood to the walls. One of the most common causes of sound travel between rooms, where wooden floor has been laid, is the floor itself rather than the wall material.
Parquet floors are fixed with glue and micro pins. A micro pin allows us to fix the individual blocks in your pattern design without the shiny head of the nail being visible. This also means there is no metal revealed to the air, which can cause corrosion or oxidisation over time, creating a potential source of damage or discolouration to the wood.

Restoration and Retro Fitting
Tulvira provides a complete range of restoration and retro fitting services for parquet flooring. We can rejuvenate an existing design, in many cases taking the wood back to an untreated state and re-varnishing for a just-laid look; or we can retro fit parquet floors to rooms in both domestic and commercial properties.
Parquet flooring is ideal for hallways and reception areas, as well as larger wood-floored spaces including school gymnasia and the flooring of bars and clubhouses.

Parquet Flooring and Heating
Parquet flooring is suitable for installation over under floor heating, provided that the heating itself has been installed properly. A proper amount of heat distribution screed must be placed between the heating pipes and the bottom of the wooden floor; and proper underlay should also be used.
Tulvira works closely with plumbers; electricians; and heating engineers to provide a full heated floor installation service. Call us on 020 8279 4744 to discuss your requirements, or use the contact form provided. Our flooring fitters will be happy to supply a no obligations consultation and quote for your project.

Parquet flooring is available in most natural varieties of wood – including oak; ash; cherry wood; and maple. Thanks to our impressive range of contacts (Tulvira has been working in the flooring industry for almost 30 years), we’re able to source the highest quality parquet flooring blocks; micro pins; underlays; and adhesives, at prices hard for our competitors to match.
We pass those savings directly on to you, offering outstanding quality design work and installation at a price to suit every budget. For more information about our parquet floor design work, or to discuss a specific project with us in more detail, please call us on 020 8279 4744, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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